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If I have one piece of wisdom to pass along to dog owners, it’s that you need to take photos of your dog and be in photos with your dog and of course with your human family, too. ?

Dogs always hold a special place in the hearts of us dog owners especially when they are no longer with us. Having a pet portrait is a great way to keep the memories of your beloved dog alive. I know I absolutely cherish the portraits of our previous dogs. I also know stories of the dog my Dad’s family had before I was alive, Sheba, as my aunts and uncles always are sure to point Sheba out in photos and then reminisce about Sheba’s life on the farm.

Portraits are great for memorializing the subject and also telling a story. Your dog is a part of your story and you are the biggest part of your dog’s life story. Dogs are truly man’s best friend. They always seem tuned in to our problems. They will do something goofy or fun that would bring a smile to our faces when we most need it. Sometimes, they are even more tuned in to your needs than friends and family, and they never are judgmental.

It’s so easy to find excuses to not be in photos. I get it, I’ve bowed out of photos. And I’m honestly my assistant’s worst client when they have to take photos of me and my dog. I’m super picky.?? But even the photos I disliked at the time they were taken for whatever reason, I love them, now. You will never regret doing the photos, I promise.

Unfortunately, our furry family members don’t live as long as we do but the portraits and memories will last a lifetime, so be sure to get photos of your dog, whether by a photographer or with your phone. You can never have too many photos to look back at.

And with that all said, when we knew my previous dog Jackson was likely going to pass over the rainbow bridge, soon 3 years ago, I had Kylie and her brother come over to get some photos with him since he had been a big part of their life. Those are some of my favorite photos of Jackson as they remind me of all the fun the 3 of us had with Jackson when they were younger. But, I’m so glad, that my assistant (and cousin), Kylie and I took some time after a session to take some photos of her and her dog, Stella. We had a beautiful night and some amazing light to capture the photos. Here are some of my favorites…..

If you are looking for a MN Dog Portrait Photographer for your fur babies be sure to reach out and let me know. We would love to photograph your fur baby or babies.

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