Puppy Portraits {Rochester MN Area Dog Photographer}

When your cousin gets a puppy and asks if we can do a newborn puppy portrait session, the answer is an astounding YES! ? Rylee and I were so excited to do these photos. I mean who doesn’t love pictures of a puppy. There is something about a little puppy that makes my heart melt.

I simply love a newborn puppy photo session. I so wanted to do a session like this when we got our dog, Maverick, but we got him at the end of October and we were just too busy with fall and holiday sessions. But am so glad we were able to capture these of Berkley for Courtney because puppies grow so quickly that we sometimes forget the playful puppy stage, complete with cute faces, adorable paws, round bellies, and all the naps they take.

If you’re planning to get a new furry family member, consider planning your pet photography around the time you bring the new puppy home. I’d love to capture your beautiful little puppy and the beginning stages of their life. It’s fun to capture them as puppies and then again, once they’ve grown up a little.


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9 Month Watch Me Grow {Southeast MN Infant Photographer}

What a familiar face this is… Mr. W is 9 months old and back to the studio for his 4th session of his Watch Me Grow Session.

Having Mr. W in the studio is always a good time. He is such a happy baby. He is 9 months old this time and he is moving all over now and is walking already. I love watching these little ones grow!

It’s crazy to think we are already planning his one-year session.

Like I always say, these babies grow way too fast and we always love it when our clients book Watch Me Grow Sessions because you can never have too many photos the first year!


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3-Month Watch Me Grow Session {Rochester MN Baby Portrait Photographer}

Baby S came into the studio for her 3-month Watch Me Grow session. Her parents wanted to capture some beautiful photos of her at this stage where they start smiling and showing their sweet little personalities.

Watch Me Grow sessions are perfect for capturing all those baby phases! Documenting the growth from newborn all the way through to their first birthday. A lot happens in a year!

Baby S is so photogenic with those gorgeous big blue eyes. She made us work for the few smiles we got and even got a little nap in during her session.


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Couple with dog {Rochester Minnesota dog family portrait photographer}

It’s no secret, pet portraits, especially dog portraits, have a special place in our hearts and we love capturing pets with their people. Dogs are truly a member of the family and as such, they should be photographed like one.

This is the second time we’ve taken photos of these three. The last time, about 3 years ago, Kevin was just a puppy and it was so, hot and humid that his “Mom” and “Dad” chose to not be in many photos as we were all sweating just standing there. But last fall we got a beautiful Minnesota November afternoon. For their session, they asked us to capture Kevin’s (the dog) personality as well as to take photos of them as a couple and as a family. They spend a lot of time in nature with Kevin, and one of their favorite places to hike with him is at Quarry Hill in Rochester, MN. Such a great spot for a photo session.

We have so much fun with these three. We left with sore cheeks as we were laughing and smiling the entire time we got to hang out with them. They make our job so easy and Kevin is full of personality but also was laid back, very sweet, and a natural for the camera.

Enjoy a few (or all) of my favorite portraits from their session below!

couple laughing portrait
couple playing with dog portrait at quarry hill taken by photography by kari
couple with dog portrait at quarry hill taken by photography by kari



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Newborn Composite {MN Newborn Composite Photography}

Wonder how photographers get photos of newborns sleeping in a swing hanging from a branch, sitting on a shelf, or holding their head up on a football or some other prop? Or most importantly, how the baby can be safe so high above the ground?

With the magic of newborn composites!

Safety is an absolute priority for any newborn session and with composite photography for newborn photos, the baby’s safety comes first and offers endless creative possibilities. Composites take planning and more editing time but are so worth it.

With all that said, Miss J’s Mom (and one of my best friends) may have been planning this photo since the day she told me she was expecting! I was so excited to edit this photo and make this gorgeous portrait of my friend’s newborn on her husband’s motorcycle. It’s even more special as riding a motorcycle is something they love to do together and I’m sure Miss J will love riding a motorcycle with her Dad as well.

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