Girls Rule {Infant Photographer near Cresco Iowa}

We tend to buy props from the dollar section at Target with themes I think may be fun to do sometime. I had boughten the girls rule stuff back when we had first found out that my cousin had cancer and I thought of doing some “Girls Rule” mini sessions to raise funds for her, but then our family and friends planned a benefit instead. So these things have sat in a prop box for over 3 years until….

As we got to the studio, Mom sent an email saying they wanted something unique and spunky (punk rock-ish) to show off her personality and how she wants to be independent at 9 months. I had a lightbulb moment that I had these girls rule props and our kid’s guitar, microphone, boom box, silver star, and a pink leather jacket. We got lucky as it all matched the clothes and glittery kicks Mom and Dad had picked out. How perfect is that?! This is why we have so, so much stuff. We also got to use one of my favorite outfits from our studio closet. So cute!

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