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As I work on rescheduling postponed sessions today, I wanted to take a moment to layout how our new normal for doing a session will look. We have come up with the following guidelines and safety precautions to keep our clients and ourselves safe and healthy. A lot of it is the same as our normal practice beyond us wearing masks when needed and not being able to give hugs and high fives to the children. Please be patient with us as we try to navigate this new normal. Thank you all so much for your continued support! Stay safe!

Sessions: All sessions will be outdoor for the time being. We will only be accepting groups of no more than 8 people at one time. Only those being photographed and parent/guardian will be allowed during sessions. No bystanders. Extra people means extra risk.

Health Check: We will check in with the client before the session to be sure they or nobody in their family is or has been sick. If you, your children, or anyone in your house feels sick (or has been sick in the last 14 days), PLEASE reschedule your session. Likewise, I will postpone all sessions if I, my assistant or my family don’t feel well. Kari and the assistant will fill out a health check the day of the session as well. Please don’t put myself, my assistants, our families, and my other clients at risk.

Social Distancing: We will follow all guidelines for social distancing by keeping at least 6 feet between us and and our clients. I will be using a telephoto (zoom) lens to accomplish this when taking photos as well, we will still get a variety of closeups and full body shots.

Posing: Photography sessions will be no-contact, which means my assistant and I will guide you from a safe distance on how to pose, adjust clothing and adjust hair. With children, parents may have to move them into place or adjust the pose if needed.

Props: Props will be limited to keep the potential germ threat to a minimum. We will wipe down and sanitize before and after every session.You are welcome to bring any personal props of your own to use! This makes the images more personal and unique, as well as giving you more peace of mind.

Face masks: At all shoots, we will wear a face mask if guidelines from the State of Minnesota or the CDC recommend we do this. We will also ask that anyone not being photographed does so as well, but nobody has to. If we happen to scare children with our masks, we will be sure to remove our mask but maintain more than 6ft away.

Sanitizing gear: I will clean my gear before and after each session . I will use cleaners appropriate and safe for my gear.

Hand washing: We will continue to use the best hand washing practices as recommended by the CDC. We will also have hand sanitizer available.

Ordering: Ordering as normal will be an online gallery and if you need additional help, we will do so by phone or by video calling.

Payment: We prefer payments be made online, but can still take cash or check.

Order pick up: We will continue to have pick up at my house to be able to maintain curbside, no contact pick up. Or you can opt to have your order shipped to you as well.

P.S. I hate posting without photos, so here’s a few photos of Maverick from yesterday. The tulips are so pretty right now.

Black english lab with red collar and yellow tulips behind
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